True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic.
It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost,
but the urge to serve others at whatever cost. 
—Arthur Ashe
In one way or another, the entire world has been traumatized and saddened by what is happening in Ukraine. As citizens of the world, whatever our country of origin, it is our collective responsibility to do what we can—no matter how large or how small a part we play—to help mitigate the devastating trauma that Russia is inflicting on Ukraine. 

Tiny Kitchen, Big Goal

The genesis for this project stems from an idea that occurred to a Danish social worker a few weeks ago, when she learned that Denmark had pledged to receive 25,000 Ukrainians and provide them with apartments, healthcare, schools and daycare, and monthly allowances. 

The problem was simple—transport. Specifically, how to quickly and safely transport the thousands of Ukrainian children, women, and elderly refugees waiting in Poland to go somewhere, anywhere but Ukraine.

The social worker, Maria Manniche Kjaer, had a solution—rent a bus. That’s the genesis of the Ukrainian Help Hub, and hopefully the reason that you’re here. Immediately after Maria’s idea, she and a few volunteers managed to drive a family of six from Poland to Denmark in a car. 

But Maria knew that cars were not enough. And six refugees was too small a number.

So Maria and a small team of Danish, Ukrainian, and Russian volunteers gathered virtually in her very, very small kitchen to discuss logistics of how to rent and staff enough buses to safely transport 10,000 Ukrainian refugees from the Polish border to Denmark. By that weekend, they had fundraised enough money to rent a bus and staff it with volunteer drivers, a nurse, and a translator to support 49 refugees who were safely driven to Denmark.

Buses in Action

Thanks to Maria, Michael, Sergey, Yulia, Masha and many others, the Ukrainian Help Hub has begun putting its ambitious plan into action. As of today, 316 refugees have been transported to Denmark. To date, the team has fundraised enough to support transport of 650 more refugees.

Sponsor a Bus, a Family, or Donate Any Amount

But we're just getting started. The team’s goal is to transport 10,000! If you’d like to make a donation to sponsor a family of four, help to charter a bus, or donate any amount, please visit the donation page

Learn about the stories of some of the refugees that the project has helped below.

Are you ready to help?

Donations of any kind will help change the life of women and children fleeing Ukraine.