How you can help

As of April 18, 2022 6,080,239 women, children and elderly refugees have fled Ukraine. They have nowhere to go. Unless we help them.
The Ukrainian Hub Project is chartering buses every week to help evacuate refugees from the Polish border to Denmark, which has committed to resettling more than 25,000 Ukrainians. 

The need is urgent. The refugees are waiting at the border.

We have 673,200 km to drive, 204 bus trips to make, 10,000 Ukrainian refugees to transport, and $1.5M to raise. In seven weeks, we raised enough to transport 523 people. You can help get us there.

Donate in Ethereum – 0xEaB272E524b5500B2018e52C78f2C667d650A36b

Help us meet our goal of transporting 10,000 Ukrainian refugees to Denmark by raising $1.5M to cover 204 buses.

Sponsor a Bus for $7,350.
Get together with your neighbors or colleagues to help sponsor an entire bus and get 49 people to safety with $7,350.

Sponsor a family of four for $600.

Donate ANY smaller amount. Every single dollar is going towards paying for our weekly buses—we need fuel, water, drivers, and food!

Upon arrival in Denmark, refugees receive free, safe housing, a monthly stipend, and free childcare, healthcare, and education. But first, they need . Please donate to help pay for the buses that are taking Ukrainian refugees to Denmark each week.

Each bus we charter costs $7,350.
That covers the cost of the bus rental, rising fuel costs for each 3,300 km round trip, food and water for 49-72 refugees, and payment for drivers. Each bus is staffed by volunteer nurses, translators and security personnel.

All funds are going directly to transportation costs as described above. Please donate to this a volunteer-run, registered 501(c)(3) non-profit (Tax ID 83-4583490). Because we are solely staffed by volunteers, there are zero administrative expenses.
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