How it works: Take a free bus from Poland to Denmark

Ukrainian Help Hub offers Ukrainian refugees free, safe transportation from Poland to Denmark

We are chartering free buses from Poland to Denmark every week. Here’s how it works:

Where can I find the next bus? Danish volunteers charter a bus and pick you up at Hala Kijowska on the Ukrainian/Polish border. They can also pick you up in Krakow.

When is the next scheduled bus leaving Poland?

How do I register for a bus? Register for the bus here.

How many people can go on each bus? The bus takes 49-72 people.

How long does the trip take? The bus ride is about 15 - 17 hours to get to Denmark.

Who will be on the bus to help me? Each bus has a Ukrainian/Russian/English interpreter and a nurse on the bus. Sometimes security volunteers (e.g., a soldier) will also be on board.

Will there be food and water? Yes, we will have free food and water.

Where will the bus stop in Denmark? The bus will take you to a transit center in Bov Municipality on the Danish border. 

Who can I contact if I have questions?

What happens if my final destination is not Denmark? According to Danish law, all refugees who do not have a final destination in Denmark will stay at the transit center for 3-4 days. During that time the authorities will process their paperwork and determine their final destination. The transit center is similar to a simple motel/hostel. It has private rooms with bathrooms. Food and medical assistance are provided. 

What type of housing and support will I receive in Denmark? The government housing is nice, clean, and organized. It has a kitchen for you to cook food. See pictures of one of the facilities. Each adult will be given a monthly cash allowance equivalent to $800 US dollars in local currency. Children will be able to attend schools and daycares.

Register for the bus here.